Spider Identification

There are over 35,000 species of spiders in the world, many of which can enter the home. Below is an alphabetical list compiled to identify the most common spiders you might find in or around the house in the US. The descriptions are brief and only cover the most common physcial characteristics. We have also included a danger column to represent spider bite severity and a picture identification chart. If you are having problems with spiders in the house, please see our general discussion on how to get rid of spiders, or select one of the species below for more information.

Common House Spiders & Spider Identification

NameDanger LevelGeneral Description
Banana SpiderModerateSolid yellow abdomen, white carapace
Black WidowHighShiny black, red hour glass on abdomen
Brown RecluseHighBrown or yellow with violin on carpapace
Cellar SpiderNoneLight brown with, skinny abdomen with long legs
Common House SpiderLowBrown, spherical abdomen with darker markings
Daddy Long LegsNoneBrown, very long legs, oval shaped body
Garden SpiderModerateBlack and yellow abdomen, white carapace
Hobo SpiderHighHairy legs, herringbone pattern on abdomen
Jumping SpiderLowRelatively small, dark hairy legs and abdomen
Nursery Web SpiderLowBrown or yellow, dark band across carapace
Yellow Sac SpiderModerateRelatively small, yellow or green abdomen
Wolf SpiderModerateGrey, hairy legs, dark stripe across carpapace

For spider control it is always best to identify spiders, their behaviors and their habitats prior to any treatment.