How to Get Rid of Slugs

Slugs are fairly common in many gardens, but may cause damage to crops. The slug thrives in moist environments between Spring and Fall, but is capable of overwintering in climate controlled greenhouses.

How To Get Rid Of Slugs

Slugs can be controlled through a variety of natural methods. Since most infestations take place around the garden area, it is important to avoid treating with products that are potentially harmful to edible items. To get rid of slugs, read the following directions.

Diatemaceous earth products are designed to make the slugs terrain fatal to navigate – it is an extremely light soil made of crumbled rocks and extremely potent against the slug’s soft wet skin killing them after contact. Half empty beer bottles may be planted in the ground, where the yeast will serve as an attractant. Salt may be used to eliminate slug populations, but should be avoided in garden areas due to its toxicity to plant life. Pellet baits containing metaldehyde are considered extremely safe and effective when it comes to controlling excessive activity. A simple slug remedy employs the sprinkling of crushed egg shells around and in the area you wish to protect.

Last but not least, consider installing a couple bird feeders. The birds will prey on wandering slugs and make a friendly addition to any garden.