How to Get Rid of Roaches

Cockroaches have high moisture requirements and are often found in kitchens and bathrooms. Many species are nocturnal and have a natural aversion to light, climbing out from their hideouts at night to look for scraps. Identification of the infesting species is the single most important rule when determining what steps need to be taken for roach control. This article discusses the tiny German Cockroach, the species most likely to infest homes.

Getting Rid of Roaches in the Kitchen

German cockroaches don't enter the home through windows and doors. Instead, they hide on furniture, appliances, and other items brought into the home from other infested locations. Farmers markets are notorious for housing German roaches, hiding in the bags and food brought back home. They thrive in filthy areas and reproduce like crazy – egg casings, called oothecas, are capable of holding up to 32 babies at a time. These eggs are hidden in places like the tops of cabinets and behind refrigerators by the mother. In some cases, fecal deposits are also observed on cabinets and kitchen appliances. They leave behind an orange dusty waste known as frass, which has strong associations with asthma. The presence of roaches on the counter at night, egg casings, and frass will give you a stronger idea of where to focus your efforts.

The single biggest tip anyone can give about a roach infestation is to check behind the fridge. The refrigerator is an appliance that produces plentiful amounts of moisture and shelter, making it the ideal environment for large groups of roaches. In many cases, homeowners are shocked at what they find – hundreds of scattering roaches all over the walls and floor. This same idea applies to the dishwasher and stove as well.

Other Roach Tips

The best bait for German roaches is MaxForce FC. It contains the active ingredient fipronil (also used for ants and termites) and has a domino effect on any roaches that consume it. The German cockroach is cannibalistic, meaning they will eat their dead family members in the absence of food. Because the fridge is an area with such high activity, it's a good idea to sweep any dead roaches behind the fridge. The roaches that have died from ingesting any bait will eat the other dead roaches and ingest the product that way. Never place a bait in areas that you've sprayed or you'll taint its allure, making it useless. Every product is different – make sure you know exactly how long any spray you are using lasts so you can determine the best times to treat or bait, and always read the product label. Glue boards or sticky traps designed for mice are often used in professional roach control programs to reduce numbers and monitor activity. These traps are great for catching large amounts of roaches and will give you a better idea of your progress.