How to Get Rid of Mosquitoes

Mosquito control is centered on the reduction of breeding sites, which are often bodies of shallow water. This includes standing water in flowerpots, barrels, metal cans, or even automobile tires left outdoors. A general rule of thumb is to remove or dump and refill anything capable of holding water for more than 7 days.

Getting Rid of Mosquitoes

To get rid of mosquitoes, a survey of the property must be conducted. Source reduction is fundamental in repelling mosquitoes in the yard and around structures. Overflow from the A/C unit may result in the establishment of pooling water around or below the property. Homes surrounded by trees may also have large quantities of leaves accumulating in the gutters, inhibiting proper drainage.

Natural Mosquito Control

Mosquito eggs appear as tiny floating rafts. Remove any birdbaths, buckets, or rain barrels. Females are discouraged from nesting without a source of water.

  • Correct any drainage problems around your home. High populations of mosquitoes can be attributed to structural or landscaping problems inhibiting the drainage of water.
  • Trees and stumps should be inspected for pooling water. Tree holes are capable of cupping water for long periods of time. Holes should be filled to discourage buildup.
  • Ornamental ponds should house fish. Gold fish are excellent predators of mosquito larvae and eggs. Top minnows will also feed on mosquito eggs.
  • Plant pots should be removed or brought inside. Some species are capable of breeding in moist soil or plants raised above standing water. Water bowls for pets should be rinsed and refilled daily.

Mosquitoes will rest on plants and dense shrubbery in shaded areas. Pruning plants will promote the distribution of light and eliminate shaded resting areas for these flies. Windows should be properly screened and doors tightly shut. Although rare, improper sump drainage in structures with basements can lead to the development of mosquito populations indoors.

Professional Mosquito Control

In some cases, mosquito populations can extend beyond the scope of structural modifications. Most of the products used for the control of mosquitoes are not marketed for use by the public due to environmental consequences of misuse. The use of pesticides for control of mosquito populations should only be used in dramatic situations and conducted by a professional.